The only French association bringing together members of the research, industry and training sectors in the field of supercritical and subcritical fluids. 

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IFS is dedicated to developing supercritical and subcritical fluid technologies, and to supporting companies and laboratories in the knowledge, acquisition, testing and use of these technologies. 

As a technical resource centre for the development of supercritical fluids, IFS and its network of experts have more than 30 years' experience in the sector. 

It works with a variety of audiences: companies, laboratories, students and the general public. 

Matière CO2 à IFS - Ineed Valence Drôme

IFS actions

Extraction CO2 supercritique à IFS

Project development  

IFS and its network of technical experts support companies and laboratories in the various steps and realisation of their projects (diagnostics, studies, pre-industrial trials). 

IFS offers professional training in the discovery, use and improvement of supercritical fluid technologies. 

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Student projects 

IFS orients students towards appropriate training courses specialising in supercritical fluid technologies and supports students in their study projects (TIPE) - limited number of projects per year. 

Every year, IFS hosts students on internships so that they can learn about and understand supercritical processes and use them in their future careers. 

IFS Days 2019 - photo de groupe

Networking experts 

IFS proposes collective actions for experts in the field of supercritical and subcritical fluids: promotion of the technology to different audiences, international study missions, etc.).